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JenT000, post: 245311, member: 93637 wrote:
One of the main problems is – how do I know how much stock to purchase when I don’t know how well it will sell in the initial stages. I know all business is a risk to some degree.

What does you business plan say? When you did your market research, what numbers did you come up with?, base stock on those numbers.

the other option is do some just in time purchasing on stock, this may cost a little more initially, but it wont leave you with a heap of stock you may not end up using if your numbers were wrong.

JenT000, post: 245311, member: 93637 wrote:
Also postage and couriers, is Australia Post the best way to go? Any suggestions?

Based on your target market, what type of courier do you want, do you want it delivered with white gloves (!!), or do you just want it dumped at the front door like a sack of potatoes. Personally based on your target market I would be personally contacting the courier companies to see if they can meet your products standards. Not only on delivery methods, but timeframes, etc. Don’t get me to buy a high end (expensive) hamper, than give me cheap postage which detracts from your product.