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ILS_GUy, post: 245558, member: 93348 wrote:
It always interests me when I see someone mention ISO9001.
There seems to be a belief that an ISO9001 certificate is some reflection of the quality of a product.
It is not.
An ISO9000 certification is simply a statement that the company operates quality procedures that are documented and traceable.
It says nothing about the quality level of the products or the suitability of the processes used.
The company may make crap products and the manufacturing procedure it uses may be rubbish in relation to best practices for producing the product, but the ISO cert says that the recording and monitoring of those rubbish procedures is done to a certain standard.

Of course ISO is not the end all, it’s the start point only and yes it only covers the documented approach to their business, internal auditing etc etc. and external auditing by a ISO authority.

And yes, they can produce crap quality, that is why samples are always needed.

I suggested it simply to try and reduce the numbers of manufacturer to chose from as it can be overwhelming for many many people.