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Trent Tran
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thesewgoodcompany, post: 245389, member: 93715 wrote:
Hello, has anyone tried marketing in Magazines?
We are looking into advertising our clothing in Frankie Magazine, however… it’s pretty pricey, and it’s a bit of a huge jump to make without knowing returns on it.

Just wondering if anyone has tried print or e-pub advertising? and what they thought of it? was it better / worth more for your advertising dollar than say facebook or good Adwords?
I was one in the Newsagent Industry and could tell you that sell rate of Frankie Magazine are very high compared to other fashion magazine distributed through Gordon and Gotch.
The readers were serious and extremely keen on getting their issues. Some even reserved whenever the next issue came. In short, it is a niche magazine. Age of readers are from 16 to 30.
That is all I can tell you