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I think it depends a bit on whether you actually want a full server or a PAAS (platform as a service).

I’ve used both at AWS and found a lot of their services a steep learning curve and it’s a bit of a challenge tracking their billing. I took advantage of their 12 mth free offer to get the hang of it, and mainly used Elastic Beanstalk (Sydney) and it was good, but a little expensive for the sites i was running (overkill), but I would use it again for the performance (lightning fast).

I now use Heroku almost exclusively and so far it’s been pretty bullet proof and simple to use, but that’s possibly because I’ve been using it off and on for quite a while and I’m familiar with it’s processes.

Heroku has no shortage of add ons and DB’s available and it’s pretty simple to provision most of them.

For either of them you need some skills at the “terminal” and to be using Git for version control…but you probably need the same to provision a full server anyway (cheaply).

The other small gotcha on the “platforms” is none I’ve used can run your primary domains out of the the box (there’s no fixed IP address)…I don’t want to run redirects to a subdomain so I use DNsimple for DNS which runs a work around that basically creates a primary domain record that works (and it’s a push button set up for Heroku).

I haven’t used Digital Ocean but I thought they provisioned a complete server?? If you do want a bare metal server I had a very good run with Linode until I woke up that devops was something I didn’t enjoy (and I’m not that good at it either).

Another possibility is RedHat “Openshift”. I’ve used it, but last time I looked you couldn’t get the full paid version in Aus, but that may have changed by now…if it’s still the same you can do everything Heroku can do but it’s a lot more flexible.