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Tech Away, post: 245961, member: 51270 wrote:
I couldn’t agree more with [USER=60404]@Mischelle[/USER]. As a marketing graduate, almost all of our content was based on B2C, very little was based on B2B ironically.

Many of the core concepts still apply, you just need to think about a business sense (value prop) compared to a consumer as they have different motivations.

Hi Tech Away,

I just started a marketing course, to try and learn more, and the text books I have had to buy are 95% B2C, which is annoying. (IE Principles of Marketing 5e)

BUT, I do agree with both you and Bert that some of the concept apply across both arenas, it does cover a lot of branding and customer value etc

What I mainly need is how to get in front of people in the corporate world. At the moment for my current business it’s all client referrals, which has allowed me to grow organically, but my new business and product doesn’t have the same traction.

Mischelle :)