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Great to see you documenting your setup process Cory, it contains lots of little things and the odd surprise that most would not consider.

Its good that you get on well with your accountant because they are really part of the “Team”. They need to understand how you want to operate your business so that they can provide the correct advice to help you make money. Too often accountants are just an overhead that tell you what has happened in the past, rather than being part of creating the future.

As far as content for your site / FB etc, dont be afraid to list your personal experience, the jobs you have worked on before. Just because the company has not performed any work it does not mean that the employee(s) havent. I would suggest that the employee(s) would not have a job if they did not have past experience.
Perhaps you have worked on large building sites, or on new build houses, or retrofitting old houses, or even in a mine environment. Each type of experience can be relevant to a different type of job that you are chasing, and the potential customer is looking for assurance that the person they are about to engage is experienced, competent and qualified in that area. Show them that your experience covers many areas.

Be careful not to spend too much on creating websites/ FB etc before you have income. Nothing beats face to face meetings and local letterbox drops for generating work.To start with your site/ FB will simply be the advertising brochure that you send people to for re-assurance about what you may tell them in conversation or on a flier.
It will take time before the site/ FB actually generates you work, and it will also take time to get the content to the stage that it is convincing and converts clicks to action (ie make a call / booking)
Try to learn to do as much as you can yourself so that you can make changes and run campaigns etc.

Sorry I cant help with your other questions, I have some opinions, but dont feel qualified to be suggesting solutions from my limited exposure to those situations.