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heftzwecke, post: 245656, member: 88078 wrote:
The second one after 3 months asking if the plants are still alive and thriving ?

Ok, I’m going to ask the question, Do you really want to know? Or more importantly do you want to open a can of worms for yourself?

I can’t find the copy of the report I had, but a nursery owner that I knew, did a survey of their clients a few years back in regards to the life span of plants after leaving the nursery.

Just from memory, so the figures are dodgy, but

  • some 15 or 20% never actually got into the ground and were dead within weeks,
  • another 10 or more % were dead within a couple of months even though they had being planted, but neglected.
  • And something like 6 months it was another 10% or so gone.

The plants were all top quality, it concerned them that much that they actually contacted a large number of the clients, and they all admitted neglect on their part, but my concern for you would you be opening a can of worms of complaints about poor quality plants.

Personally when I buy plants for myself or have excess after planting for a client, most fall in the first 2 categories. My philosophy for my own garden is if you cant survive with neglect you don’t belong.