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bb1, post: 245685, member: 53375 wrote:
some 15 or 20% never actually got into the ground and were dead within weeks,

  • another 10 or more % were dead within a couple of months even though they had being planted, but neglected.
  • And something like 6 months it was another 10% or so gone.

Isn’t that an opening to educate and maybe get the customer back to try again?

You could also be more proactive with regular tips on how you should be managing that plant at that particular time too. That keeps both you and the plant at the top-of-mind which might prevent the plant deaths :p

If you find they want low maintenance ones and first purchase didn’t suit then that’s an opportunity to give them advice on low maintenance plants too – which they can buy from you.

I would be emailing them way more often than 3 times in a year as they’ll forget about you. Don’t be more worried about offending one person who probably won’t buy over another who might buy. If you use an email solution that can track sales from email then you can split your customers into different lists anyway so eventually you’ll have a list of repeat buyers who don’t mind emails and others who bought in the past but are stagnant. Send the drawn out follow-ups to the stagnant list but be regular with the repeat buyer list.