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Hi Jennifer,
Is this new page replacing the other ‘Services and Pricing’ menu options?
The price boxes look fine in my browsers (firefox & chrome), however, I found the descriptions are a little confusing.

I’m not sure what the ‘power of words’ heading relates to – it looks like it’s supposed to be the name of a priced package. Perhaps it’d be better to lead with descriptions of what sort of people might be keen for each service? For instance, a newbie wanting to take their first step into publishing; a diy who could use some quality experience & mentoring with POD choice; a business coach who could do with some creative typesetting, etc, etc. Then you can introduce the different services.

I really like the range services you offer – all the best!

p.s. I’ve just realised that ‘power of words’ relates to the business name…but it’s still confusing on the pricing page, because it’s not used in many other places. Or maybe that’s just me…