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James Millar
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Blastoise, post: 245722, member: 94215 wrote:
Hi, mates,

Just start my gym studio business in melbourne.
As I focus much more on online promotion (my melbourne based store runs well locally, but now I think it’s time to make its name in Australia; seems ambitious, right?), I find that it somehow seems my efforts would not pay off…
Then I joined yeep.com.au, and everything changes. You may ask why not listing my store at yellowPages, I can tell you that those sites are doing NO good to small business like mine because magnates rank at way prior position. While Yeep provides a perfect platform for me to connect with potential customers, and I found many friendly partners there. Once I signed up at Yeep, both my online and offline reputation got refined. A Yeep business user account allows me to connect with customers, including those who have written reviews for my business. Join the conversation with my customers by using the two free response tools: direct message and public comment available in Yeep for Business Owners.

It goes well so for. But I want more, so I come here to ask for some advice.
Now the problem I am facing is that the membership and its management get in chaos. I set three kind of memberships, and the rules and customer information are all set down manually. Are there any agencies providing membership management service, or any trustful software to do so (I don’t trust software so much, because I don’t want to risk leaking my customers’ privacy)?
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


There are some great gym / health / club software solutions out there. Many have tablet based kiosk features as well. Cloud based and effective. I think you will find that your members data is safer online than offline (physical records are not always safely secured). To be honest, If you are running something like this you would be crazy not to use one of these platforms. They offer a massive range of features and analytics, email campaigns etc.

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