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IronMaiden, post: 245779, member: 17814 wrote:
I bit the bullet as I couldn’t afford the site being so slow and going down intermittently. The CPU usage was nearing 100% at times. I’ve upgraded to a hosted wordpress package, whether it pays off I’m yet to see. It’s made a very minor change to speed. Sean I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at? Why would where the server is hosted have anything to do with it?

If you had a website in the US for example and you lived in Australia then latency comes to effect, I am not sure why the last poster questioned about the datacentre itself, though I’d say it’s probably based on the cost aspect as they’re expensive.

Though in saying that since you’re living in Australia any datacentre is going to be relatively close capital city wise so the latency is going to be very short in comparison to an international server.

I have a server with ServInt in LA and even though it’s fast, someone living closer to it in LA as compared to be living in Melbourne would more than likely see a quicker load time than I would because it’s based on location and latency.

See how you go with the upgrade it may help, I mean it loads as I said without delay on this end.