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LukeHally, post: 245911, member: 68089 wrote:
Thanks [USER=53375]@bb1[/USER]. What are you thoughts on super alternatives? Do you think it is a generational thing, a carry over from before super? Or maybe an option that soloists look at as super isn’t seen as a simple option? Or something else?

I am most likely the wrong person to ask any of those questions and most accountants may frown at me.

I do have Super from a previous life in the corporate world, not enough to keep me till 100, but most likely wont reach there anyhow.

I have gone down the pay of the mortgage route, the bank gave me a mortgage which if I followed their schedule I would finish paying it off at age 83. I don’t intend to be pushing around mowers (or sitting on my ride on) at that age. When I did the sums (checked with my accountant), I was about equal if I put my additional funds in the mortgage, rather then Super. And yes that will vary depending on your fund and how aggressive you want to be, interest rates and many other factors.

I hope to have it paid off in 2 or 3 years, and then look at ramping up other options (maybe even super). Plus I have a few other smaller options I dabble with. (oops that sounds like sharemarket option, no not those)

But the Big one for me was access to my funds, if I put them in super they are tied up till 65, whereas now I have access to those funds if required. Not that I ever have, or ever will draw on them, but my safety net says I need it.