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I’m not sure if this is the right thread, so apologies if this is (slightly) off-topic. If I need to open a separate topic, just let me know — I’m new here!

I started my own business late last year, coming from corporate employment where I had my super at CFS. I’m now an employee of my own company and I’m paying myself a salary and super every month.

Last week, I spoke with my accountant’s financial advisor about my super options. There are a couple of things I can do, but I feel I just don’t know enough about super to work out what I should do.

I see these options:

1. Keep my super at CFS with MER 1.7% + $50 admin fee/year. Portfolio is 100% aggressive at the moment. No active management of portfolio.

2. Keep my super at CFS with MER 1.7% + $50 admin fee. Change portfolio to 80% aggressive and 20% defensive. No active management of portfolio.

3. Move my super to Spaceship (35% tech-oriented super portfolio) with MER 1.6% + $80 admin fee/year. No active management of portfolio.

4. Move my super to Netwealth with MER 0.8% + (don’t know admin fee) + financial advisor fee 1% of funds under management (capped at $2000/year). The financial advisor will actively manage the portfolio, and will focus on direct equities. He says with the lower MER the advisor fee will make up the difference, so in the end it won’t cost me more or less than my current situation (option 1).

Of course, there are endless other options, if you have a better suggestion, please do speak up!

What I want to understand is the following:

– A previous financial advisor said that with my age (34) I should now be very aggressive (hence my current 100% growth portfolio). However, the accountant’s financial advisor now says that I should have at least 20% defensive at any given time. Thoughts?

– What does everyone think of the new Spaceship tech-oriented super fund? 35% tech exposure sounds good to me — is this all just marketing or a decent/real good option to consider?

– Should I just leave my super at CFS or move to Spaceship and have it sit there ‘passively’, or move it to a fund suggested by the financial advisor (such as Netwealth) and have the financial advisor actively manage the portfolio/super?

Thanks everyone!