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Interesting survey, I was surprised to see the stats saying so many people don’t contribute, and yet the majority are worried about not having enough. I don’t contribute at present, but far from concerned about it.

For me, my business is quite new and I’m a long way from retirement. I value my money as being better off in the business for the short/medium term than in my super. We are very steadily growing which is awesome, and next year we will start paying the minimum super requirement. Until I am very close to retirement though, I’ll always pay the minimum only as a safety net.

I hope to have at least as much money in my own funds/savings/assets as in my super… In theory, (and as suggested) it is hard to match super returns yourself and it would be better off there, but even if that turns out to be true, life is not measured in the dollar value of your assets when you turn 65. To have access when you need it and to be able to take advantage of opportunities when they arise (which may or may not return better) is preferable for me than paying a bunch of fees for the privilege of having my money sit in a managed fund that I can’t touch for 35 years, but get some tax incentives.

I guess it is all about risk, if I managed my money entirely myself there is the risk that I’ll do something stupid and lose it all, or my business will fail etc. Hence, super is a safety net.