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As above, where are you. The first thing I look at when I come to buy something on the net is the location of the business, can I pick up from a location near me, can I return a faulty item easily, without it costing a fortune in postage.

your products need sizes and probably weights
your description needs filling out, exactly what are the many ways that buffalo hide is better then cow hide. is it soft but rugged, does it stretch, is it thinner or thicker etc

you need to indicate your method of payment, -credit card, paypal bank deposit etc.
I put one into the cart but wasn’t able to see how I could pay for it until I processed further into the cart, and more importantly, you want my email address before I can see how I can proceed. It may help you collect customer database, but I don’t like giving out my address unless I am getting something in return. Perhaps if I was really buying it I wouldn’t mind, but sometimes going half way through the checkout is the only way to see what the total cost will be and whether the freight is going to make it uneconomic to purchase.
Also theres no way back from the cart page, theres no header or footer, so the user can only use the back button on the browser.

Once there is an item in the cart, if I go back to pick another item to add, theres no way to get back to the cart except by adding another item, ie theres no cart icon at the top of the pages.