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For most rentals bond cleaning is taken care of by the tenant, with the agency only being responsible for it if the tenant doesn’t clean properly (or at all).
So from the agencies point of view they don’t care what the cost is as they simply try to claim the cost from the bond.
From the tenants point of view, the cost is important, but the emphasis for them is that the clean is good enough to get the bond money released.

So when you go into the agency you need to be aiming to convince them that you can do a good job when they hire you, but you also need to convince them to refer the tenants to you for when the tenant cant be bothered to clean and wants to pay someone to do it.

You may need to offer to do the first job or 2 at a reduced rate or even free, so that the agency sees the quality of your work and how you respond to the urgent callup that will inevitably happen when they turn up for a final inspection and the place is a tip.

Remember that it is likely they already have cleaners they use, so you need to be offering something different (better service or lower price etc), and you need to build their trust so they know they can rely on you.