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In the beginning I chased some real estate work, becausd its good money, ongoing work, and its real estate so you will get paid. I quickly stopped because its not all true..

An agent may refer a tenant to you. Generally that means its 2 days before they have an inspection, or they are about to leave. So its a disaster zone, the tenant wants the work done for peanuts, and they will most likely disappear without paying. If doing work for a tenant payment upfront, or no work.

Then if the agent gets you to do the work, although you are contracted by the agent, they dont pay until they get either the rent from the tenant, or money from the owner, so it can be a long slow process.
and if its bond work, although they have the bond money sitting there, they cant get there hands on it until VCAT (victoria) give them approval, a possible long wait as well

Dont sell yourself on price, because tenants and real estate people want heaps for there dollar. I remember one tenant told me it only took them 20 minutes to do the lawn, i looked at it and knew it was an hour. I started my mower and said go for it show me.

If a realestate rings me now, i quote a price and insist on dollars up front from them as well,

I say all this knowing some gardeners and cleaners who are running quite well from real estate work, but they do have a lot of hassles.