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Peter – FS Administrator, post: 245902, member: 1 wrote:
Hi Susie,

Good question! It’s certainly an area that can be daunting at the beginning… and for longer than that :)

There are two areas you’ve mentioned…

SEO typically refers to techniques for trying to get your pages to rank organically in search results for relevant search terms so that people will find your site. The other is where you buy clicks/leads through paid advertising channels such as Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Whether you DIY or hire an expert is the topic of much debate! But, either way I definitely agree with your thinking that it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the basics at the least so that you understand the process even if you ultimately hire someone. It will also help you define exactly what expert help you need.

There are no real shortcuts other than lots of reading, watching, listening to get your head around it all.

We have a lot of great SEO pros on the forums who may have some pointers to the best material.

Thank you, yes I am quickly realising there is no quick and easy way to do this. I really underestimated what was involved, but I am actually quite excited now to learn more about it