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Hi Susie75,

It’s one thing to rank on Google and another to convert users into buyers.

1- I suggest looking more into conversion optimisation (Writing captivating headlines that get attention and force users to take an action)

2- Have strong call to action on your website to navigate the users to the pages where they can purchase.

3- Optimise your page speed by reducing image sizes etc.

The above is just a good starting point to ensure your site is ready for conversions.

Next look at writing good content for each collection page and especially the homepage with keywords that you want to rank for each page.

Keyword research is essential use Keyword planner to find relevant terms to your niche.

I suggest as well you go to shopify forum and post your site on there and get some feedback. There are a lot of good advice that will get you on the right path.


Susie75, post: 245901, member: 75608 wrote:
Hi everyone,

Title says it all really – I have just set my online shop with Shopify and now need to get to work on the marketing.

I am a complete novice when it comes to Adwords, SEO etc, and having done quite a bit of reading rather than gaining any clarity I’m actually becoming more overwhelmed!

I’m looking to hire someone to help me with this but again am overwhelmed by the options out there – having contacted a few SEO experts, prices seem to range wildly and I’m not sure I know exactly what I need.

My question is to the new start ups that have been in similar situations as myself – where did you go to for help and around how much did you spend. Do you have ongoing monthly help? Also, I’m keen to educate myself on this – can anyone recommend any good books / articles / online courses for beginners?

Thanks in advance