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ILS_GUy, post: 245940, member: 93348 wrote:
it sounds to me like you need a business partner.
You are the thinker, & you need a doer.

If you are actively involved in the building project then you are probably too busy right now to be doing too much else, but use the time to find someone to work with on your ideas.
The skills you are using in the build process can also be applied to any business venture you decide to undertake, you just need to have an end purpose.
With the build you are being forced to take action by others, but unless you can find someone to keep pushing you, or find a process that forces you do do certain things by certain times, you will never start your business

It is funny you say that, I have expressed my ideas to various people – some of these have said they want to be a partner. It all ends up at the same place though, going no where and myself doing any research that needs to be done.

I see myself as a hard worker, good thinker and like to try and think out of the box. Maybe I am looking in all the wrong places for business partners. Even a mentor would help I think.

I like your point about being forced to take action – usually when someone else is involved, the last thing I want to do is let someone down.

JohnTranter, post: 245956, member: 20554 wrote:
I do this a bit, whilst my wife is watching soaps I’m dreaming about a potential business idea and how it could be implemented. It’s fun.

If you actually want to implement an idea, the best advice I’ve heard is to forget about motivating yourself. Foster discipline and habit instead. Motivation is fleeting, discipline will keep you going when you’re grinding away waiting for the rewards.

Sounds similar to me. I have about 4 ideas that I think could end up somewhere – but I do lack the discipline to follow through. I feel like I am waiting for that life changing idea but I will never know if I don’t commit!

Thankyou for the comments.