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jeffs, post: 246045, member: 92104 wrote:
What should I be looking for on the above? I am trying to make sure the committee has no jerks/assholes. But beyond that, are there specific qualities or questions I should be asking the committee?

Unfortunately you have no control over current or future members, and a Committee that works together well now may not after the next AGM when someone else is appointed to it. The BC Secretary / Manager can have a big influence on the Committee, so if you find you could work with them then the chances are that they can get the committee running in a way that works with you.
Talk to the Secretary / Manager and ask how they have observed the Committee working.
Do they actually make decisions or forever put things off by getting reports or lots of quotes etc.
Are they able to get the owners to pay their levies. If not then they don’t have funds to do the maintenance, or repairs or upgrades or whatever. This can be important in holiday lets, ie the pool cant be fixed quickly, so the customers get let down.
Do they have one or 2 very dominant people on the Committee that always need to get their way. This can stop the others agreeing to do anything.
What is their attitude to you as the property manager ? are you there to look after their property or to run a holiday let business. Those in the holiday pool will probably support you, but those with permanent lets may either not care or see you as an overhead to them, running a business that has nothing to do with them but charging for time managing the property. How much of that charge is really for managing the property and how much is for running your business.