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Hi Simone,

I’m probably one end of your target audience and visually it looks great and conceptually is a good idea. You certainly have a great foundation to build on. The website probably needs a little more thinking around information architecture and messaging. I agree with Paul as in the homepage needs to tell the visitor what you are about – a positioning statement or key messages or use your hero rotating image to advertise it, by way of a few examples. You then need to look at how you are driving visitors to the site and what pages – is the message telling a consistent story from one to the other. There also doesn’t appear to be very clear calls to action. What do you consider as a conversion – a sale, a query where details are submitted. Ensure that they can action that easily (not just the cart at the bottom of the page). Prices seem fair. I would just shout out is your product range equating to what you position as? Happy to chat in more detail around any of these points. Feel free to email me at [email protected]