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JacquiPryor, post: 246006, member: 20176 wrote:
Hi Simone,

A teeny bit of feedback from a non-marketing perspective… Please put some further information about your business in an easy to find place. When buying online you want your customers to feel safe in purchasing from you – for example in the web footer and/or contact page include business name, ABN, email, phone number – if you don’t wish to display an address then simply Perth, WA or similar.

At the moment, I can’t really see any information that tells me you’re a ‘real’ business in the sense that if something was to go awry with my order, I’d like to be able to contact you easily rather than simply complete a web-form. (Something I look for as an online shopper so hope it helps :))

Hi Jacqui,

Very valuable advice and what I would also look for in a site but have completely forgotten about here! That makes a lot of sense- Thankyou.