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Hi Georgina

Thanks for your lovely feedback!

I have been getting mixed messages with what to do strategy wise. Some people have been advising it would be better to have a range of customer groups to demonstrate the variety and attract more potential customers but I can completely see where you are coming from especially as we are just starting and have limited time to market to multiple groups.

I think wih having the focus on one group, it will likely give us more direction with our strategy instead of throwing racing, baby showers and hens all together :)

Thanks again for the idea. I’m really glad I joined this group!



George Hello Freedom, post: 246419, member: 94584 wrote:
Hi Simone,

LOVE your product – they’re just gorgeous!

Can I make a suggestion strategy-wise?

It would be really beneficial if you choose just one type of customer to focus on to start with. Pick either women preparing for a (classy) hen’s night/bridal shower or women preparing for a baby shower. They are two quite different customer groups and trying to market to both dilutes your marketing funds and your message.

If you are focused, you will find you can market your brand far more efficiently (as you’ll only be focusing your funds on the one ‘persona’) and more effectively (as your messaging, photos, copy and imagery will be directed to appeal to that ‘persona’). For example, if you choose women preparing for hen’s nights, you can be very targeted with your advertising – say for example choosing to advertise on Facebook targeting women of a certain age, who earn a certain amount, living in certain suburbs and who have recently gotten engaged. Your marketing and website copy could be specific to the hen’s night / bridal shower occasion, you could blog or share articles about creating the perfect hen’s night / bridal shower, and your photos could be taken in situ. Instagram would be a brilliant channel for your customers to share their pics too – as your product is gorgeous to look at!

This doesn’t mean that people don’t buy your products for baby showers (or other occasions like festivals, horse racing etc.) it just means that you hone in on one customer type for your marketing and communications.

Hope this is helpful food for thought!

George (short for Georgina!) :)