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Thanks for the replies.

Yes, will do a check with the bank to make sure it can connect – and I’m cynical too, I bet a ‘user supplied’ charge does exist…

Thanks for the NBN tip innotel.

We’re already using square for the odd transaction that can’t go thru our mobile EFT terminal; but have had a few customers shy away from paying with it when we use a tablet/mobile to collect the payment. I’ll have a look again at the different types of readers, especially if there are more ‘official’ looking varieties available.

In the meantime I will keep eyeing those second hand terminals…they must be able to work as I recall when we got our proper bank mobile EFT machine there was an option to purchase it outright (it was around $1100-1500 from memory….wayyyy too much). So ppl must own them and move between providers?

Cheers all.