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James Millar
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sbears, post: 246031, member: 59343 wrote:
Hi There,

We are about to take the next big step in our journey, going from a home based business into a warehouse.

We want to get the lease reviewed before signing it. I am assuming I need to engage a solicitor. Can anyone give me an indication of what it is likely to cost? And any personal recommendations are welcome!

We are based in Vic. We are aiming to get the lease set up as a retail lease.


Hi Sarah

For this type of work I recommend you contact Alexandra Doig at Atticus Lawyers (South Melbourne). Small firm. Very professional advice and reasonably priced. I would expect 2 to 4 hours work so in the order of $600 to $1200.

Details are
Phone 9020 7027 or email [email protected]

Definitely get it reviewed. I think it may be mandatory anyway.

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