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Byron Trzeciak
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Is this an exercise to find new business?

I doubt a business like yours finds business through facebook and especially not through twitter. High effort, low reward. You need more than inspirational imagery, or quick tips to really have an impact on your income.

Ask yourself, where and how will someone search and find a business like mine online?

Obviously you’re still working through your website but in my opinion customers like yours will be looking for combinations of “tech support” “IT technician” “IT support” “Managed IT services” and then using a location such as “Melbourne” or “Sydney” or “Brisbane”.

If I was you I’d be putting your budget and efforts towards SEO and AdWords. I don’t just say that because it’s what I do but because it’s what I see every day. SEO continuously out muscles social for almost all local businesses I manage or speak with.

There are a few exceptions however, such as wedding suppliers / photographers / beauty etc, but those businesses normally fit into b2c category and have with strong imagery and a visual audience.