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I think perhaps the missing piece is the marketing strategy and understanding your objectives. It is hard to provide quality feedback when it this isn’t clear. There are a bunch of things that would spring to mind in browsing those social channels but this may or may not be relevant not knowing your objectives. I would suggest that you need to consider your tone of voice and overall positioning you want to hold in these channels and that needs to carry across all your posts. With that, you need to make sure it meets the objective of the social channel. What role do you want it to play in your overall marketing funnel. Do you want it to be an attractor or a converter, for example. Then once you understand that the content you use should apply to that role. We recommend creating content calendars to keep you on track. As others mentioned above, I would be considering a variety of channels to ensure you have a full marketing funnel approach to grow your brand equity and in turn move that target audience to customers. I’d be happy to chat some more in detail once I know your objectives so please feel free to reach out. The Brand Architect offers complimentary 20mins consults to help businesses like yourself get a bit of direction before making any further decisions. Good luck!