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“Banner blindness” is a term that has been around parts of the industry for maybe 7 or 8 years now.

People have become so accustomed to seeing advertising banners on pages that they just don’t take any notice of them unless there is something in the banner that really resonates with them.

It’s a major problem that the industry doesn’t want to talk about and, appears to have no easy solution, although where your ad … or banner … appears on a page may improve your chances of people seeing it and taking action.

Darren Rowse mentioned the other day that Google ads on his Digital Photography blog got a lot more clicks if they were placed within the text rather than at the top or in the sidebar.

However getting people to click your banner or ad, wherever it’s placed, is only the start of the challenge. What happens once they get to your website?

You may find that you do a lot better with the small amount of traffic you’re already getting if you improve the focus of your website