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ILS_GUy, post: 246117, member: 93348 wrote:
I 100 % agree with this. You have a great range of services that most small businesses could make use of, but in exactly the same way that you are asking people for their experience with banner ads, if I were to contemplate using you I would be asking people for their experience using your services.
Was it economically viable.?
how much did they spend and what was the return ?
Did you just provide training or did you perform the role of sales agent ?

Small business cashflow is hard enough without spending money and getting nothing in return.
Some case studies can make all the difference in providing some confidence that it is worth contacting you to see how much it will cost.

As others have noted, you have plenty of content, but it does not make me want to enquire further, ie it doesn’t convert.

Thanks for your comment. We don’t have a problem with conversion, those who come to our website already tried to sell themselves – didn’t work, tried commissioned based sales people – didn’t work, tried full time inexperienced sales people – didn’t work. We offer sales services on demand when we act as our clients’ sales team doing different activities. We don’t believe in sales training for our clients as sales people will get back to their habits after you disconnect. We take a responsibility to do the whole thing ourselves.

Our goal is to promote our services using banners so more companies will know that we exist and will come to us asking specifically how we can help them. Hope this makes sense. We work with National companies as well as one men – bends , probably we need to create case studies for different categories – small & large companies