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As I sat down to have a coffee I thought about your site and something suddenly occurred to me.
I am no salesman or copy writer, but if I was looking for someone to sell my stuff, I would expect their website to “Sell” me on your capabilities. For me it doesnt.
It doesn’t instantly catch my interest and prompt me to look further.
That would not instill a lot of confidence that you had a good sales team for my products.

Perhaps sales techniques have changed, but to me, I think you need some more stuff that effectively paraphrases what you would be saying if talking to me on the phone, or face to face.
Clearly you know how to sell in those situations, and can put it down in a forum like this, so why not put the same stuff on the site.
This becomes even more critical with banner ads & the like, as you only get a few seconds to catch their attention, so the text has to instantly convert to interest.