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Byron Trzeciak
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outsourcingrus, post: 246115, member: 79270 wrote:
Thanks Byron for your comments. what do you mean our website is not built for conversations? We have an inbuilt LiveChat facility to engage with visitors. What would you recommend us to change in general? Appreciate your response.

I don’t mean conversations, as in LiveChat, I mean conversions as in sales, enquiries etc. How do you encourage your visitors to take action on your website and complete the goals you want them to complete.

What do you want them to do? Call you, email you, sign up to a newsletter, purchase something or even start a live chat as you’ve mentioned.

A high converting website typically has:
– A big contact form / lead magnet
– A big phone number
– A hero headline that is the summary of what you do “Highly Effective Sales Outsourcing”
– A hero caption “For over 18 years we have been helping our clients generate millions of dollars in revenue using our highly experienced sales outsourcing services”
– Very relevant image of your team preferably. not stock because it cheapens your brand.

When I land on your site, I see some of the above information but it’s very small and I can’t clearly understand what you do in 5 seconds or less. At that point I’ll either bounce or continue to read and in most cases you’ll lose the visitor.

You need to add trust elements such as “as featured in”, “companies we work with”, “brands we work with”, “certifications and memberships”. As Paul mentioned, case studies can be beneficial but I think they won’t even get to those if you can’t fix the visual elements of the site first.

All of your internal “landing pages” should have a sidebar contact form and other call to actions. Your contact us page should have a contact form, people might not have a local mail client configured so what’s going to happen if they click on the naked email?

You are a sales oriented business so if you can’t sell me through your website what does that tell me about your service? Again, I’m trying to help so I apologise for being blunt but I guarantee your paid advertising will either not work or perform well and truly under what it actually could.