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troysteele, post: 246159, member: 90838 wrote:
I know you wanted options other than Google but the Display Network really is the cheapest way to try banner ads and less risky than committing to a media buy on an untested site. I wouldn’t worry about competitors clicking, especially on the display network.

If you compare the pricing of a media buy to a PPC Display Network campaign then you’ll be swearing at what they charge, especially if you haven’t tested how well that traffic performs.

Linkedin Ads perform poorly with limited but expensive clicks but luckily you’re only paying per click. Imagine if you paid for those thousands of impressions rather than just the 4 clicks? That’s the risk you face with starting a fresh media buy. It’s an unknown. The banner blindness becomes an issue when you are paying per 1000 impressions, if paying per click then there’s no financial risk if you don’t get a click.

You will get very cheap clicks on the Display Network (less than $0.20 for some sites) but it does require a lot of management when starting out to make sure you aren’t ending up on bad made-for-adsense sites that will drive you traffic but not the best traffic. You can target specific domains and URLs if you want more control over that. Basic best practice isn’t difficult and there are some good guides which will prevent you from making obvious mistakes.

It genuinely depends on your service/product but B2B will generally have low conversion rates from direct media buys. I’ve tried many options via buysellads and never bought from a publisher twice. They have always been more expensive (per conversion) than the equivalent Display Network campaign.

What has worked is approaching publishers who have content ranking for my target keywords organically and asking for an ad on that page. I have done the same with URL targeting in Display Network campaigns if that page is using Adsense.

As for your website – you will get better results if your ad is promoting something of value you can giveaway such as a PDF on 10 Mistakes a Sales Team Makes and How to Avoid Them… something like that. Somone clicking through from an Ad aren’t in a ‘buyers’ mood so instead of making them understand your entire offer, get their email address/phone number and let them come in and out of your site easily. These people stumbled across your service so are curious, not necessarily ready to commit.

Hi Troy, funny enough I’ve just checked Seek.com and they have presence of Google Display Network ads on their web. Maybe it’s even cheaper to run Google Display Network campaigns rather than do it through Seek.com directly?

For me Google Display Network is another “language”… would you recommend anyone who could assist to run some campaigns for us? Would you have any idea on the cost involved?

I was told that I need a Google Ad Word specialist specialising in Google Display Network and needs to be certified? Does it sound right? Cheers,