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Hmm, a slow website hosted in Australia. Last year I moved a client off of Netregistry, who was having similar issues. Their website was taking longer than 30 seconds for a single page load. (special note: NetRegistry, TPP, and a few others were bought out by Melbourne IT – A company known for terrible support and services – Enetica/Webcity were apparently bought out by Crazy Domains, a company based in Dubai, also with a poor reputation in the hosting field.)

After moving them away, their site started loading in 2-3 seconds.

(note: this is full page load time, not just the main page request, so includes all content).

If you’re concerned about what may be taking the longest to load, or whether you have any bottlenecks, run it through gtmetrix.com

GTMetrix is the tool I use to test performance and see where things can be improved; Plus ascertain where the bottlenecks may be.

In this case, the client was moved off of a crowded and oversold server, onto a business-grade server that comes with dedicated resources, for the same price they were paying at their previous host.

Running your site through it tells me that you could benefit from having a CDN looking after your static assets. Even only being focused locally, the CDN would allow for better cache-ability, and remove it from the cookie domain. I personally use BunnyCDN in a ‘pull zone’ configuration. – to use this you’d have to update your theme to pull images from the CDN URL using the same path structure, then set BunnyCDN to pull from your domain.
So you’d set your CDN address to cdn.

You also have quite a number of scripts and CSS files being pulled in individually, so you’d get better results by combining them to and compressing them to reduce the overheads.

I see you’re using OpenCart; A client of mine I do server management for also runs OpenCart. I’d recommend investing in the NitroPack plugin to assist with performance and keep your site running lean.


Hope that helps and best of luck with your business!