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John Romaine
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Here’s a few tips…

1. Always write for people first, not search engines.
2. Think about active discussions, and questions in your space and create content based around that.
3. You can use this particular search query operator to find discussions happening right now for any keyword. Go to Google and type inurl:forums. This will show you discussions taking place in various forums around the keyword you entered.
3. Use questions in your meta description tags and Header tags. For eg. If you’re publishing a blog post about onpage SEO, then you might want to include questions like “How to do onpage SEO for a blog?” “Whats the best way to do onpage SEO?” etc.
4. Always create long form content. Aim for at least 1,500 – 2,000 words per blog post. Long form content always performs better in Google.
5.Always give your content depth. Add videos, illustrations, diagrams, photos, PDFs, interactive tools, estimators, etc. Content with depth increases engagement rates, lowers bounce rates and is more likely to enhance your UX signals (which can help performance in Google)
8. Make it easy for people to share using social widgets and buttons
9. Break up your content into easily digestable chunks. Never just write a big block of text thats overwhelming. Always write a few lines, then break space and repeat. Content like this is easy to read over quickly.
10 Consider other forms of content and find a medium which you’re comfortable with, confident using and more importantly, you enjoy (eg podcasting, video, written text etc)
11. Only ever publish content around a topic or subject youre passionate about. I see people starting online stores selling something that they dont give a shit about which leaves them hating content. Dont do that
12. Think LONG term. In order to gain momentum and build an audience takes time. Think 3-5 years, or hundreds of blog posts.
13. Always publish on your own site first then syndicate out. (share across social, perform outreach etc)
14. Write AMAZING content that is linkworthy. Content that leaves an impression or gets people excited. It should inspire an emotional response.
15. Never write boring 300 word blog posts. No one gives a crap
17. Know your subject matter. Be an expert. Demonstrating expertise helps build trust, credibility, and will have people picking up the phone or buying stuff.
18. Invest your time and effort thinking about what PEOPLE want, not technical SEO (like keywords)
19. Promote the shit out of your content by performing outreach.
20. Use tools like Buzzsumo to find highly popular content. It makes sense to analyse popular content. Never just “publish and pray”.

These are just a few.

I could go on for hours.