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Welcome aboard Bert! With a bit of luck, you might be the stone that starts the avalanche….but I won’t hold my breath, just in case lol

This is what you should be able to see when you get to the Suggestion Box page:

Welcome to the Suggestion Box!
If you’ve ever wished for a system, template or tool that would help save time and improve your productivity but couldn’t find anything off-the-shelf, then the Suggestion Box is the answer!

What is the Suggestion Box?
It’s an invite-only service, where professionals can have tools and systems that would be helpful to them in their work built, for a fraction of the normal cost of development. If there’s potential for your suggestion(s) to also be useful to other professionals, then we’ll build them and offer them to all members at a fraction of the development cost. Similarly, you might find suggestions other people have made (scroll down to see them!) that would be useful to you too. Just click on the heart.png to help it get selected, and everybody wins!

Is there someone you’d like to invite to join the Suggestion Box? Copy and pass on this link to them: https://goo.gl/wyNoXJ

How does it work?
Every month, we’ll select suggestions that are likely to be useful to other professionals, and build them. We’ll let everyone know as they become available, and provide a link from where to get them. Even if what you need is unique to your business, and not something others would find much use for, being a Suggestion Box member means that generous discounts will apply if you’d like us to develop it for you.

Couple of questions:
1. Is/was this visible to you on the page?
2. Does it adequately explain what it’s about?


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