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Paul – FS Concierge
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Calcul8or, post: 246462, member: 29970 wrote:
I agree [USER=78928]@Paul – FS Concierge[/USER], without a list, it will be dead in the water.

So I guess the next step has to be to build a stable of useful tools that have broad appeal. Which, when you think about it, is exactly what the Suggestion Box is supposed to be all about. Bit of a catch-22, it seems.

Oh well, I guess I need to come up with my own ideas and hope others like them enough to want to suggest some more, and keep it going.

I’ll post about it again when I’ve put something together. Otherwise, I’ll make sure to visit it now and again myself, just so it doesn’t get too lonely in the long, slow death it is probably destined for :-(
1 x good tool that is exceptionally shareable can do a great job by itself but list building takes time and people that have successfully built lists often see an inflection point where momentum provides more subscribers than the work they do on building a list.

It generally takes both a lot of work and an excellent strategy to get there though.

If you do just go ahead and build out all of the tools, you might not get a return in the form of enough paying customers to justify the time spent.

If you can afford a low cost experiment eg, advertising on a low cost medium such as Facebook,1 x really useful and shareable tool, you could speed up the process of working out if the effort is all worth it.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend.