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John Debrincat
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You need to be sensible about the Australian market and also that Amazon has already been selling into the Australian market for years. I believe their revenues from Australia last year were over the US$1.3 billion mark. They did US$44 billion in sales internationally (see report) and generally Australia equates to about 2% to 3%. So the number makes sense.

They would be coming to Australia for many reasons like lower cost base and managing GST. They will target their key markets like electronics so Gerry should be worried. But in general Amazon has actually been good for small business in the USA and opened new markets for small business in Australia as well. The impact they have had worldwide on improvements to supply chain management have probably saved lots of money for lots of small businesses, and of course scared the pants off big and clumsy retailers both online and offline.

Change is inevitable so “smile and carry on”.