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Hi this is my first reply to a thread. New member as of today. Its going to be a very interesting year for online retailers in the form of change. Lets face it GST on imports will be a big thing if not for us then for lots of our competitors therefore affecting us in either a positive or negative way. I see it after doing “the math” as a huge positive. Most of the products we sell are not made in Australia, this will have the biggest effect on small botique importers (you know those annoying small stores on ebay that get to 200 feedback and quit the ones that think they are going to become overnight millionaires but in reality arent making much as it is and undercutting everyone) already avoiding the gst etc by staying under the $1000 Aud mark. Then there is the impending arrival of Amazon from what I can read they have been doing there research and plan to come in at 30% lower across the board then the major retailers. Things is arent most online Australian businesses already 30% below the major retailers? With recent online surveys concurring that price makes up the biggest factor in a customers choice of purchase, . I cant see how Amazon will have a huge effect but only time will tell and i hope I am not wrong on that. But like anything in life this may be a way of turning a negative into a positive via using Amazon as a sales platform. Also theres the fact that Amazon may not take off remember us Aussies are a pretty casual lot and like things simplified. I know everyone I talk to states Amazon is confusing.