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Amazon may hurt the larger retailers but it’s going to be awesome for the smaller guys selling unique products but can’t crack the online exposure. It essentially becomes another channel rather than a competitor.

Medium to large retail has dropped the ball in Australia with their cost cutting and streamlining – they sell a whole lot of different things across a lot of niches but never enough in each niche to be a go-to place. Amart Sports/Rebel Sport are a great example of stores that used to sell a wide range of products but have cut it back to mainly apparel. Those types of places will suffer imo.

When you need something specific you have to find the niche specific retailer who has everything, and all of those guys are kicking goals online. They can easily take advantage of Amazon to increase their exposure.

It will also help those who create their own products and brands. Amazon can become an issue if you are selling an easily obtainable brand product because you lose control over when your product is shown – the same products are grouped together and it’s a fight to win the buy box. Strong reviews and fast delivery are a big part of that.

I don’t think it will do much damage to shopping mall traffic.