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Hi Shail,

My personal interest is in how the technology for the web is changing and evolving and sometimes with mixed success learning how to use it.

So I find your question a very important one for small business that wants to stay ahead of, or at least keep up with the game.

Here’s a couple of links to some of the info sources I’ve found useful in keeping an eye on what’s happening in the web technology space.

Web API’s, are possibly going to be, if not already a big chunk of where the web is heading. I get a daily email update from these guys:


also get a couple of weekly ones from Cooper Press, mainly following what’s happening with front end development and asynchronous JavaScript (still finding Node.js a bit of a black box-but important to know).
[URL=’http:// https://cooperpress.com/’%5D%5B/URL%5D

Here’s a combo that I’m currently experimenting with that looks promising based around learning to build “progressive web apps” i.e. web pages/apps that can be installed natively on a mobile device (currently being used by the likes of Alibaba)…early days with this one but I have managed to get one up and going (pretty much Hello World at this stage) using the following tools (which give a lot of insight to where Google sees the future imo).

Starting with front end design, this is a good starting point and an insight into Googles “material design” principals.


This one fits like a glove to the last link, and is currently what I’m using to learn with and actually get something up and running (using web starter kit).

The way we host is changing rapidly too, in my opinion…just started using this and so far it works like a dream.


o balance it out a little here’s another direction that’s not in Googles stable of tools but lets you build static sites and BLOGS with no database (nothing to hack) and can be hosted for “F all” on something like an AWS bucket.


That’s just the beginning of what’s out there, my take from this rapidly evolving space is that your average Open Source CMS on shared hosting is going to look a little sad in the near future…

I guess I now have the time to do the reading and I don’t have a business model that relies on a particular “tool chain” for cost efficiency and marketing purposes…so i can afford to experiment with my time.

Hope I’ve given you some homework to get you started.