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Brad Horan
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Paul’s note is a good one.
Whether leasing or selling you need to demonstrate it is a valuable business.

If you are leasing you will need to show it can turn a profit whilst paying wage, an you will require a decent length of premise accessibility i.e long lease if you are leasing). It sounds like the issue here may be sales conversion is just not where it needs to be.

In the meantime look at the following to see what can be improved:
1. Foot traffic conversion – hoe many people that pass by actually come in – are you getting the most out of foot traffic.
2. Menu conversion – What are best sellers, how many items do people average – talk to customers find out what is missing (but for every item added to a menu think of what can come off and make sure you do not increase food waste) – most business fail to convert the extra sale by failing to offer customers extras. “oh X is a great choice it goes down really well with Y”. Get rid of low sellers they cost you money and are not inviting.
3. Hourly conversion – are the peak and low times can you offer something special in the low peak times to increase revenue at those times?

Cafe’s are a tough business and there is usually plenty of competition in the space. Good Luck!