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Paul A Business Owner, post: 246432, member: 95231 wrote:
Any one had issues with lack of cash flow as a small business due to real estate agents not paying their bills / invoices? If an agency requests services such as repairs or cleaning and the works are completed – why do they take so long to pay? I hear so many stories of agents not paying small businesses – why are they not forced to pay rather than waiting for monies from rental boards etc?

I have had this issue with agents they don’t pay until they either get the rent in from the tenants or the owner pays them, which for them can be some time as well..

Ive had many arguments with them as they are the ones who contract us to do the work, so they should pay as per our terms.

I now only take work from one agent, because I have organised an arrangement where they have agreed to pay as per my terms, and they wear the delay of getting the money. Otherwise I have dumped all real estate agent work, its not worth the hassle. Its a dodgy business.