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Trippytree, post: 246467, member: 95332 wrote:
Hello, I’m a small building contractor, did a job for “friends” . Had a contract for a renovation, which they have decided they didn’t want to pay the full amount! I had other trades there finishing it off to be greeted with, “no we don’t wantt o pay the lot”. Down tools! They also had works done to a pergola and decided they didn’t want to pay that either! No contract but only a small job. Verbal agrrement in place. They bluntly refuse to pay. I’m talking $10,000 of work outstanding. Are the steps to recover money owing as follows: 1. invoice
2. reminder invoice Also any tips on finding a good debt collection agency, I’m in Melbourne. Thanks
3. letter of demand
4. debt collection agency
Is that wohat you’d recommend?
Never in 15 years have I faced such a problem, these people flately are out for a cash grab. Bad mouthing us to boot! And the job is done perfectly. Disgusting behaviour, at a loss financially as had to pay other trades who are knocking at my door screaming for theyir money. So out of pocket and shaking my head at client behaviour. Now I just need advice on the best way to get the money. TIA.

Hello Trippytree, I am more than happy to have a chat with you to talk about your options… While I don’t consider myself a debt collection agency – my focus is helping businesses get their debtors into line and adopt best practice in relation to their debtors – I have helped a number of businesses get paid for old or disputed debt. I can be contacted on 0408 233 265. cheers Tracy