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Hi Himan
I had a look at your site and I found it does not really make clear who you are targeting.
Do you want customers to be booking jobs through you.
are you just looking to build a network of servicemen/ agents ?

If you spend money attracting potential service people to your site, I would be surprised if you got a good conversion rate / signups.
You need to describe in a LOT more detail what benefit it will be for them to sign up to your site.
How will they get work
how does the booking process work
what commission do you take

From a customer point of view I looked to see if the site could have helped me achieve an outcome that I recently wanted. I wanted to buy an oven from Bunnings or Good Guys etc over the internet, then have someone deliver it, install it and take the old one away from a place where I would not be present, so would have to arrange with the tenants.
I didn’t feel any confidence that your site would allow me to do this. The main message I got was to contact you, and my experience with trying to contact service people in the past as been that they don’t bother ringing back, or take so long to do it that I have found someone else in the mean time that responded immediately.

I don’t mean to discourage you from building a network of reliable service people, because I think that is a good idea, but you need a lot more detail in your site to satisfy both service people & customers.