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Robert Gerrish
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Thanks for joining and for diving straight in.

From what you’ve set I would suggest that your challenge at this point is to increase your knowledge of the industry in which you are about to immerse. Right now, I don’t believe you need a designer. Just be reassured there are many great designers out there, itching to work on the design of your rugs.

I would suggest you explore short courses that will give you a good and thorough introduction to the full process – from idea, through design, production, packaging and sale.

If you approach your local teaching organisations – Tafe and such like – I imagine you’ll find courses that you can attend. You might also spend some time online as many new means of learning from your desktop are coming available.

While neither of these courses are probably quite right, they will give you an indication of what is around. I found these in under a minute.

Research, research, research first is my response!

Robert :)