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Personally I would cease to use any app that came on with someone like Antony Robins blaring out “Motivational” stuff at full volume.
These things need to be built up to.
Something that comes on full tilt is really little different to a buzzer.
And with no snooze function, exactly when is the person going to hear this stuff ?
You want them to get up immediately, which for me means have a shower, so I don’t hear the stuff !

To overcome your need to be connected to the web all night, why not download the file that will be played. I can understand you want to vary the file you want to play, so not store thousands on the phone, but it makes more sense to me to pre-download rather than rely on having a connection at the alarm time.
It would take just one failure to wake me up to cause me to deactivate the app, so reliability is critical.