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Tricky one and your analogy with the world of dating is very apt! I’ve posted over on the ‘need a resource’ thread too, so hopefully we’ll get some useful replies coming in for you.

Thanks very much Robert – appreciate it!

but they then have to be able to work with your personality, be trustworthy, available, and so on.

That’s exactly right and something that has also come to mind – finding someone is only the first step; them working out is the next.

Firstly, I am a big advocate of having two or more founders or major invested parties from the get go. The shared ideas on offset energy is a massive advantage compared to going solo. I don’t have any stats but would guess that the probability of success would be far greater with two or more.

Thanks very much for your post James, totally agree. I have read that the ideal number is 2 but that 3 co-founders can also work, but anymore than that and it’s usually a mess – which I have experienced personally.

But you’re right, it’s something I could push for and keep going solo if I really have to, but it’s something where it would be good to have a co-founder with, even not to just compliment my skills, but someone to bounce ideas off of and discuss things with.

That being said, if you go into some more detail, what do you think is missing from the business that this person would need to deliver. You’ve mentioned business development and growth strategy but I always find those terms a little broad and vague (especially in small business). Is there a specific expertise in business development or a specific product market? A specific channel they need the greatest expertise in?

Well I guess what I mean is that I feel it would be good to have someone that knows how to run a business successfully and what it takes – like I could try to do it myself but I probably would have no idea what I am doing and things could fail.

I don’t think I’m terrible at marketing, I have ideas and plans on where I would like the business to go etc but I obviously don’t have the experience or contacts someone else in this field would – so I guess what I’m saying is are they really good ideas? are there better ones? better ways to do them? …. someone that knows how to execute the ideas and can leverage industry contacts etc

So for example, my software, there is a lot of competition out there for it at the moment, tons of free options and a handful of commercial options – my software would be going up against the commercial software bunch – so I guess my struggle initially would be how do we get it noticed by a large audience effectively without throwing money down the toilet; how do you execute that effectively – are there “ins” to getting mentioned by the bit tech blogs – how do you leverage that kind of thing?

I mean the software isn’t close to being able to compete just yet, the plan is once it hits MVP stage then I need to look at ways to get more help on-board, as in, more coders to fill out the software.

My thoughts from the beginning was to find funding, but through research I quickly learned that no-one was going to give you funding for just an “idea” and that you really needed an MVP, something to show at least – and hence I committed myself to building an MVP, but to be truthful, it’s a lot nicer and functional than an MVP really needs to be as I felt a basic MVP just wouldn’t have been good enough.

I am rambling now, but through research I kind of went off funding through VC”s/Angels a bit and liked the idea of at least trying to keep the company for myself and other co-founders – so my plan was that once it reached MVP stage was to perhaps try something like Kickstarter to try and get some funding to be able to pay staff and get the software to a level where it is ready to compete (and basically wipe the floor with the other software out there! :p); but I know there is a fine line between a successful and a failed KS campaign so that is something that needs to be handled very carefully.

Oh… lastly, I guess another thing that the person would help me with would be the business model with regards to pricing – one of the reasons I started this and I’ve been tossing and turning on which way to go about that and if it will work or potentially lose us a lot of potential revenue.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now haha…….. thanks again.