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Hi Mischelle- thanks for your post.

It was a hard slog to get my partner, I ended up getting a guy I had worked with in the past on a consulting job, I knew his style, we had the same work ethic, but it was hard to give up 49% of my business.

When I was just starting out I actually recall asking a past work colleague (another coder) if he was interested at joining me in the project, but he was far too busy with his full time job, his own freelance company as well as his family, which I can definitely understand – point being, it can be very hard to get people interested to invest time into something simply because they need to make a living and any time outside of this is generally very small or taken up with other things.

I also struggle with the fact of having to give up large portions of my potential company, but at the same time feel working with a partner who is as invested as I am into the company will make it a lot lot better, and as they say, with your example in mind, 51% of 1 million is better than 100% of nothing.

IF you can do it alone, I recommend that, in hindsight I should have just employed an IT Manager to manage the developers.

I guess it comes down to how you look at it and how valuable this partner is to the company – would they add a huge amount of value that outweighs employing someone? On top of that you need to have the capital upfront to be able to employ someone.

But for me – I think I prefer the partner idea over employing someone, simply for the fact that I want the person I am working with to be as invested in the company as I am; someone to share the hard slog and the journey with kind of thing; in saying that though, I will continue working away at it “flying solo” if I have to and do anything I have to do to get where I need to be.

So maybe consider looking at a business development consulting company to help on that side.

For some reason I never even considered that, didn’t even think of searching for anything like that – but thanks, I will keep that in mind. :)

You say there is a lot of competitors for your product, what makes your product different?

Ok, it’s no big secret what I am developing haha… so I’ll let the cat out of the bag.

I have been creating new forum software (much like the software we are using right now) – so now you know there are quite a few competitors out there.

Why did I decide to get into this market?
Initial reasons were behind providing a different business model and because one of the bigger players in the market were crashing hard and users were quickly transitioning over to it’s competitors.

I have been using forum software for many many years now and I know the ins and outs of the software, how free software compares to paid software and I started to realize that even the paid software made things harder than they needed to be, not user-friendly in many areas (including the admin side) and convoluted in many areas.

I then attended a business seminar a couple years back now and got some good insight from successful entrepreneurs – one of which was to differentiate from your competitors, which goes without saying I think – so I have always kept this in mind and certainly wouldn’t have started developing something if I didn’t think I could make it different/better than what is currently available – otherwise there wouldn’t really be any point, you would be selling people the same thing.

So to answer your question – how do I differentiate? The #1 goal for the software as you may have now guessed is to be the most usable software on the market (both for users and admins); on top of that there are going to be many features and functionality unique to my software (presently speaking).

So yes, lots of work haha – but I am determined to get there one way or the other. :)