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Thanks all. No, it is not a game-changer for us, but a ‘nice to have’. It is not currently a trademark.

We’re not intending to run it as a separate business per se. It will be a website based version of our own services and will be clear that ‘King Island Plumbing’ is a service provided by ‘Jim Jones Master Plumbers Pty Ltd’. The point is that it will become a budget option which we only want to associate with our business in one direction i.e. J.J.M.P. does not link to K.I.P, but KIP becomes almost a brand or cheaper online service offered by JJMP.

If Maccas opened a shop called McNuggets Only by McDonalds and they invoiced you from McDonalds, do they still need to register McNuggets Only as a business name? I can only imagine that in the world we live in they do, but thought I’d ask the question on where the line is drawn.